Tutorial How to Make Your Own Android App APK In Easy

Welcome to the developer android, on this occasion we would like to share information about the Tutorial How to Make Your Own Android App APK In Easy, with best app ideas
But the technology is growing in the world today, there are more applications that provide services to make it easy android app, so with this you can create an application in accordance with what you want. here is the name of the application


How to create their own applications that can take advantage of your first application called PhoneGap. Nitobi Software developer’s application has been acquired by Adobe and in it already there are several tools you can use to create android apps APK.
Not only for android course, this application can also be used to create mobile applications for other OS such as iOS, Symbian, BB, until WindowsPhone also know. Quite easy, you just enter a few programs in the form of html, css, and javascript therein. After that, just send phonegap compiler, and going in decompiled in accordance with the OS that will be used.
#iBuildApp If viewed from the name, certainly a lot of people assume if this app can only be used for iOS devices only, but the fact iBuildApp application can also be used to create Android applications as well you know.
How basically quite by thrusting a ready-made templates for Android or iPhone platform, we can change it according to their individual tastes, ranging from colors, logo, theme, buttons and customization according to your wishes.

Conduit Mobile

application is in our opinion the most easily compared Phonegap earlier, where we are still dealing with a name coding Html, CSS, javscript and so forth. But if we use this application, it is not used anymore.
This is because in this web template already presents a concept that can be run in a variety of platforms, one of which is an android. Terms for using this website we are only required to have a social media like FB or Twitter just as login accounts later.
#android Apps Maker
If we look from the name alone, we already know if this application was created specifically only be used to create applications based on Android (APK) only. programyang we have made on this application will be sent via email to us with APK extension.
In this application there are around 18 templates are ready to use to build the application, you choose which one is your favorite.
For this Soutem application can be used to create applications on two different platforms, namely iOS and android. We just stayed designing and determine what we will show later on such an application.
Suppose the application menu select the profile that you will create later just enter the tools already available, everything is set by Shoutem such. And more catchy, the results of the application that you created earlier can directly connect directly to Google Play and the App Store