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Netsuite Magento E-Commerce Integration The the majority of mid and small scale business have chosen Celigo’s iPaaS based platform for managing the integration of their commercial activities. The company launched the NetSuite SmartConnectors to cater for the for growing demand for integrating Magento to Celigo’s iPaaS based solution. As a result, business enjoy flexibility in integrating back office application to NetSuite’s ERP enabling efficient and timely order fulfillment. NetSuite’s SmartConnector seamlessly integrates data flow for the automation of core business functions between Magento 2 e-commerce applications and Netsuite. By integrating business processes using this platform, business get to enjoy faster and accurate data processing functionality. Consequnelty, this allows business manage order tracking, refunds, and cancellations efficiently and with ease. With this solution your business has access to all data processing functionality across a multitude of devices and platforms. With this solution, NetSuite enabled business services both reduce infrastructure requirements and operating costs. As the solution relies on reusable components and data transformations, NetSuite’s Smart Connector delivers flexible solutions independent of custom application code. Integration relies on the use of NetSuite’s system integrators, solutions providers, and developer networks. Implementation relies on Celigo’s system integrators, solution providers, and developer network.
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Successful integration facilitates the management of web based storefront from different locations and across various devices. This unique collection of SmartConnectors combines various techniques into a single suite of applications and approaches to achieve overall objectives. This facilitates the quick development and deployment of solutions and equips businesses with full access to the functions of the platform. Increasing need for web based ERP solutions has created the need for applications that are primarily cloud-based. Celigo’s suite of applications provides five key advantages over traditional apps. First, companies get to enjoy cost effective cloud based technology. A second benefit is flawless integration of your business’s front and back ends. A third benefit is reductions in costs incurred for future upgrades. Fourth, you get to enjoy flexibility in solution development and deployment. Also Celigo provides businesses with excellent support services for any of your business needs through its large and experienced support staff and services.
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By combining both the Magento e-commerce platform with the NetSuite platform, business have a powerful resource at their fingertips for the efficient management of core business processing. As a result, you get to enjoy freedom of mind from manual management of orders and concentrate on increasing sales. NetSuite’s SmartConnectors help eliminate the need for frequent development and IT resources. As a result, you get access to Celigo’s maintenance services and upgrades to enhance and improve your business functionality.