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Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent A real estate agent is a licensed professional who is representing buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction. Real estate agents are usually working with certified realtors and real estate brokers who have additional certifications and training. Real estate agents work using their knowledge and expertise in helping clients to close transactions, and they get a certain percentage of it, thus earning by commission basis. Regardless if a real estate agent is working with a seller or a buyer, there are different duties and responsibilities a real estate agent does. The role that a real estate agent plays when dealing with a seller is a property advisor, giving the seller a sound advice on how to effectively price the house or any property basing the current market value, the things the seller needs to prepare prior to selling the property, and the best way to create a listing. A real estate agent buys, sells or rents properties for clients, performing various duties such as studying property listings, interviewing prospective clients, accompanying clients to property site, discussing conditions of sale, and drawing up the real estate contracts, including agents who represent a buyer. A real estate agent can act on the buyer’s behalf in presenting offers to sellers for consideration, and also acts as intermediary when it comes to negotiations and other sale terms and activities. Real estate agents make comparisons among properties determining the competitiveness of market prices and also appraise the value of properties. A good real estate agent can effectively and expertly provide information and advice on all real estates transactions such as market conditions, terms of prices, legal requirements, and mortgages. The role of a real estate agent is important in the marketing or promotion of properties through open houses, property listings, and advertisements, developing sales content presentations or other materials. During a visit or inspection, a buyer is better accompanied by a real estate agent in order to be given expert advice on the value and suitability of the homes they are visiting. The loyalty of a real estate agent will greatly affects the details of a real estate transaction such as the final pricing, so it is important for a consumer to fully understand whether a real estate agent is representing the seller, the buyer or both. In order for sellers and buyer to be made aware of any conflicts, a real estate agent should disclose their representation. When it comes to choosing the right real estate agent for you, it important to consider several things such as the number of years the real estate agent is working in the industry, client reviews and testimonials, license and certifications, openness of communication and expertise. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and expert real estate agent, we are here to help you out.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Sales

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